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A Perfect Husband

A Perfect Husband

An abandoned cabin... a diabolical killer... a hidden cemetery. A deadly secret is about to be uncovered.

Sami Saxton is starting over.

Gone... is the philandering lawyer husband of twenty-three years. History!

Sold... is the Upper Eastside brownstone complete with designer zip code and 'all the right stuff.' Finished... is her somewhat tarnished career as a veteran editor in the ever-changing corporate world of publishing.

Could things get much worse?

Yes, of course. Sami just turned 42!

But, Sami has made up her mind.

Far from the neon blur of Manhattan—the dizzy buzz of restaurants, theater openings and one too many cocktails—located seventy-two miles outside the City in the sleepy, rural township of Montague, New Jersey, Sami is looking to rebuild her life. A rebirth, one might call it. And, she intends to do this spiritual resurrection in a small, abandoned fishing cabin, built over forty years ago by her now deceased father.

Not quite...

A lethal serial killer has taken up residence in the basement of Sami's remote cottage, using her father's carpenter table for a hobby far more sinister than woodcutting.

Sequestered deep within forty-two acres of tall pine trees, bristling brooks and fresh water lakes...

Sami Saxton is about to fight for her life...

The hard truth... nobody will ever hear her scream!

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Amazon, eBook, January 2014


"...Somebody might ask me what it was about this book why I couldn't put it down. Boy, isn't that the million dollar question that all writers and publishers would like to know. In this case, the words flowed. There weren't grammatical, technical or formatting mistakes that made me stop in my tracks. I didn't want to re-write a section. As a writer and editor, it's very difficult for me to read novels because I always want to fix them. I want to edit, to re-write, but this was not the case and that in itself was a joy for me.
I also liked the characters. Mostly Sami. There was something endearing and actually humorous about her. I could envision her, I felt like I was in her head, she was written clearly and succinctly, and you were on her side. You rooted for her. When she was in danger, you'd find yourself telling her to, 'Watch out!'
I became involved in the story, it took me away to the world of Sami Saxton for 2 days and I thank the author Douglas Wickard for transporting me to her world where it was intriguing, thrillingly horrific, humorous at times, and most of all, entertaining. Oh, and for the next Douglas Wickard novel, I won't read the sample first; I'll go straight to 'Buy this book.'"
   —Bestselling author Catherine Burr

"Assertive characters with distinct backgrounds provide a solid foundation for the story of a killer on the hunt."
   —Kirkus Reviews

What they're saying on...

"Douglas Wickard is up there with Jonathan Kellerman."

"I LOVED this book!! A page turner from the very beginning—deliciously suspenseful... What a wonderful movie this would be!!"
   —Tina H. 

"This book was right up my alley. I love suspense and mystery. This was a great story about fear and survival and it kept me riveted throughout. Plenty of twists and turns and some pulling at the heart strings too. The main character Sami was written wonderfully. She shows her vulnerabilities right along side her strength. I think every woman can relate to her in some way. This was a fantastic book over all!"
   —Jennifer Zuna