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"Wickard surpasses Jeffery Deaver."
   —Amazon review of A PERFECT SETUP

"Not since Sidney Sheldon has a writer captivated me so..."
   —Amazon review of A PERFECT HUSBAND

Deviant Coming Christmas Day:


Book 3 of the Queer Diaries Series

RIP Ellery William "WILL" Flynn.

Christmas Day 2014.

If it is true that when we die, our life actually does flash before our eyes, then Ellery William Flynn's deathbed on Christmas Day 2014 is a loving and joyful testament to the age-old adage. Who would have imagined so much history, life and love could be reminisced in one enchanted and magical evening? With the added assistance of a few imaginary friends, Ellery dies peacefully and transcends this earthly plane. What he leaves behind is a legacy of the written word, a proud journal of the gay and lesbian community, and a searing tribute to a life well documented and bravely lived. TRANSCENDENT, the third and final book in the QUEER DIARY SERIES.

It's never too late for an awakening.

"...thought provoking, well-defined characters, mesmerizing..."
—Nancy Silk

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